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One Hand Dvorak Keyboard Typing: 

Dvorak Right Hand and Dvorak Left Hand Layouts

These were developed in response to a request from Col. Robert Allen, who lost an arm in WWII.  After 10 weeks he was able to type 56 wpm using one hand, which is faster than many 2 handed typists using Qwerty. 

These are recommended only for those who for one reason or another, have the use of only one hand. They can be found in some versions of Windows 95, as well as all later versions, Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP.  See (Type on a Dvorak keyboard in 30 seconds)  Look for Dvorak RH, and LH.  In XP, you may need to install 'Disability Access', or, "Accessability Options", to have this on the menu, in "Regional and Language Options".

Print, and fold paper diagram to stand up by your monitor:


Dvorak keyboard for diagram for Left Hand

Dvorak keyboard diagram for Right Hand


2002 Malcolm Greenway